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We provide excellent and honest customer service all over southern Indiana.
Navigating in Woods

    The initial consultation is where our partnership begins. You and I meet to discover what you want from your property. The consultation is when you share basic information  with me about what your are wanting from your property and it usually includes a tour of the property. Determining your goals and objectives for your property is critical to the success of any future timber management.  After seeing the property and the timber resources I can provide you with an estimate on how much money you could expect from a timber sale.  I can then also recommend potential management prescriptions.

Countryside Wooden House

  Timber Management Plans and Habitat Management Plans help to guide future prescriptions on what management technique to use and when to implement decisions and recommendations.  These plans establish what the goals and objects of the property are, and provide a direction on how to take your property from what it is, to what you would like it to be.  These plans are excellent tools to use for long term management of a particular property.  

Man Hiking in Nature

  Do you know what kind of trees you are selling, their quality, or how many you're selling?  Do you know what your timber is worth, when you will get paid, or how the loggers will get the logs off your property?  Knowing the answers to these questions is important when selling timber. Assisting landowners with selling their timber is the main, and most important, service I provide.  My timber sales cover everything from the initial consultation all the way through until the last piece of equipment leaves your property.  Knowing what you are selling can help achieve your goals and maximize your profit when selling your timber.  More...

Closeup of freshly cut logs

  Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) is a management tool used to improve the current forest stand.  This management tool can be used to accomplish many different objectives.  TSI can be used to improve the tree species composition, reduce invasive and/or exotic species,  create wildlife openings, and provide better growing conditions for reforestation and current timber stands.

Spring Forest

  Completing a timber inventory is very important and can provide a lot of tax savings in the future.  If you plan on selling or buying a piece of property containing a timber resource, you should have a timber appraisal completed.  This allows you to know exactly what you are buying or selling and what it is worth.  If you already own property with timber resources on it then you should have a timber inventory done in the case you ever decide to sell timber from that property.  This can dramatically reduce the amount of taxes paid from the revenue of the timber sale.  In most cases, it can reduce the amount of taxes enough to pay for the inventory itself.

Stacked Wooden Logs

  Timber tax assistance is something most people overlook.  I provide you with proper ways to reduce the amount of taxes paid after a timber sale.  Depending on how you sell your timber depends on how the money you made will be taxed.  Getting proper and sound advice on how to manage your money made from a timber sale can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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